Tips for a Busy Summer - Learn More About Your Customer

I was recently asked to submit an idea or two to Tourism Business Magazine.   Here is one idea, published in Dec 2014/Jan 2015 edition. Many thanks to Editor Annie.

The industry is looking forward to a strong summer as key markets continue their upward growth trajectory.

So it is a great time to research your customer.  There will be plenty to choose from!

What customer market research gaps do you have in your business?   

Once you’ve identified what you want to learn about your customers look at how the project can be implemented.  Will an online quantitative survey provide the information you need?    Perhaps a more involved one-on-one customer interview will yield the nuggets of information your business will benefit from in the future. 

Each business will vary, so there is no one answer to exactly what research to conduct, but don’t let this opportunity slip by.