Infancy of the Internet

   It was in August 2000 that I established my company but, as it was a busy time, it had honestly slipped my mind! It was the beginning of what turned out to be a great journey in the world of tourism marketing contacting and consulting.

So it got me thinking about some of changes I’d observed over that time.  Here is the second of the top five observations that came to mind.  

The internet was definitely in its infancy.  In my office in suburban Auckland, dial-up modems were still around, broadband was on its way (as were smartphones) and fibre was but a dream.

Websites were nothing more than an electronic brochure with limited interactive options – considerably different to the sophisticated sites of today.  

As marketers we had to get to grips with how to use websites and understand a whole new vocabulary: ‘click through rates’, ‘navigation’, ‘ referrals’, ‘bounce rates’, ‘page views’ and so on.   And who really knew was SEO stood for, let along understood it!

For tourism and travel organisations (and any industry situated a long way from their ultimate consumer) web marketing was a game-changer.  We could effectively reach our end-use consumer and share our story, our brand and our experiences directly.

Now, for most industries – not just tourism – websites are a crucial part of their business.  New departments and companies have sprung up offering web creation services, digital marketing solutions and flowing out of this platform there are now social media marketers, channel managers and social influencers.