Recognition Goes a Long Way

It is human nature that we appreciate being recognized and acknowledged.   It’s about having your actions or feelings responded to positively.   Occasionally this recognition makes you feel just a little bit special - not in an egotistical way - but by way of a sense of accomplishment.  

It’s important to keep this in mind as we wade through the depths of consumer and business-to-business marketing.  When was the last time you recognised a valued customer?  Did you acknowledge them and the business they bring to you?

Happy customers are happy to refer business to you.  It is the perfect way to secure word of mouth referral for your business and we all know that word of mouth is by far the most cost effective way of gaining new customers.

On a recent road trip it became apparent Hamilton would be our next overnight stop.  As this was unplanned I became one of those last minute bookers….only a matter of about an hour before arrival! 

The question was where to stay?  Although I’d visited and passed through Hamilton on many occasions is wasn’t often that I ever stayed.  The last time I stayed in Hamilton was on the night of Christchurch’s most devastating earthquake on 22 February 2011 as I couldn’t get back to my home in Christchurch.   Needless to say it was quite memorable, for all the wrong reasons.  

Anyway, back to the road trip.  Why not stay at the same property on this occasion; it was suitable and in a good location.  Being a last minute booker I phoned the property to make the reservations.  As I chatted with the proprietor I briefly relayed the story of my previous visit.    On check-in he’d already looked up my records from that fateful night and we had a conversation about that event.   He’d recognised I’d been there before and acknowledged the nature of that particular visit.  It was simple, but effective.  After all it provide me with the basis for this blog!   

So, take a moment to reflect on when you last acknowledged a valued customer and consider ways to recognise customers in the future.  A little bit of recognition will help turn them into advocates for your business.