Business & tourism Awards

Entering and winning a business award, such as the New Zealand Tourism Awards , is a discipline many businesses use to achieve success.   Success can be take various forms:  profile and media exposure, bench-marking and prizes!

Proposals Coach

Working as a proposals coach, Trish works one-on-one with businesses to craft their entry based on the stipulated criteria.    Trish has a proven track record with her awards clients either making the finals or winning their categories for business excellence.  In 2010 she was a judge in the New Zealand Tourism Awards and in 2016 a judge in the Queenstown Chamber of Commerce Awards.

New Zealand Tourism Awards 2019

Tourism Industry Aotearoa (TIA) organises the New Zealand Tourism Awards.

Planning for 2019?

Now is the time to prepare for the 2019 awards.  Assuming TIA continue with the same programme, entries are likely to open in the autumn of 2019.  Beginning now is a more efficient, less painstaking and more effective way of being in position to submit a successful entry.  Contact Trish for details on her 2019 Tourism Awards preparation module to help your business be 'awards fit' for 2019.

Awards History

Trish has worked closely with clients to develop their New Zealand Tourism Award and Regional Business Award entries.

Trish was an enormous help to us, especially as we ere entering for the first time. Her experience at writing entries and insights into the industry were definitely beneficial to the success of our entry. We would have struggled to get the entry finished in time without Trish managing the timeline for us too!
— Russell Alexander, Managing Director, Hobbiton Movie Set and Farm Tours