Communication and Public Relations

Communication is the key to bringing your product to life on the tourism business landscape.  

Enhancing your product or business message via press releases, e-newsletters and blog-style articles all contribute to creating awareness for your business.

This raised awareness of your business helps the target audience engage, create affinity and ultimately, stimulate booking enquiry.

Regrettably, there can be so much focus on other elements in the marketing mix, (such as advertising, channels of distribution, pricing and commissions) that communication is often overlooked.  

This is particularly ironic as communications is one of the most cost effective forms of marketing.  The investment in a well-distributed press release is infinitesimal compared to the media exposure, if it is picked up.  Plus, the story has added credibility and integrity.

Enhancing your marketing through communication is most successful if your message is innovative, features something new, celebrates an accolade or is just simply a little bit quirky.  There are no guarantees, but having a story that is well-defined and unique all increases your chances of additional exposure.  

So take the next step and rev up your marketing by ensuring that your communications tell your story to your audience.   

We can assist you by:-
•    Brainstorming possible story angles and messages
•    Developing strategies for releasing, complementary to your other marketing activities
•    Implementing a timeline for releases, newsletter and blog-style article development
•    Creating an overall integrated timetable of communications activities